The LEADERSHIP Letter: How to Lead Like a National Champion: 5 Lessons from Urban Meyer

by admin2 posted Sep 01, 2015


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Want to know the secret to
perennial winners?  Here are 5 leadership keys  from Ohio
State coach Urban Meyer, who continues to win wherever he
coaches and proves that leadership really matters.

Urban  Meyer knows how to lead ... and win! Not only
does he own one of the  best winning percentages in college
football history, he has also  immediately turned around all
four programs upon his arrival. Leadership  really does

Here are a few of Meyer's keys that helped him lead
Ohio State to a  national championship. Take note of how
great leadership transcends the  environment and how you can
apply these keys to your business.

1. Instill
a winning attitude, and have a zero tolerance
approach to anything else. Winning is the  only option, and
having a winning attitude is the only attitude that  will

2. BIG TEAM over little
me. This  means that the team's goals are bigger
than your personal discomfort or  convenience. You play/work
for your teammates not for yourself.

3. Invest
in your team. Meyer provided leadership training for
60 - 90 minutes for his coaches  every single week this
season, a rarity for any football team or  business for that
matter. That's why his results are rare. Winners do
what others are not willing to do.

4. Create
a system of accountability. Meyer's investment
in his coaching staff was matched by keeping them
accountable for delivering the leadership process they were
trained on.  This accountability was further transferred to
players who took exams on  the same process and principles
to ensure learning and adherence as a  team.

5. Select
well. All the training in the world can be wasted if
you are training the  wrong people. Recruiting the very best
and training them is an  unbeatable combination. So, when
your superstars are on the bench you  can still field a
winning team like Ohio State did with a third string
quarterback who played like a superstar when the situation
demanded it.

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